Editorial Content & Thought Leadership

Communications isn’t about pushing products. It’s about connecting. When your content becomes devoid of connection, the audience senses it.

I specialize in 

  • Long-form in-depth content for technical and non-technical audiences for your company blog, magazine, speeches, white papers
  • Ideation – Writing – Editing – Fact-checking – Proofreading 
  • Bilingual writing (English – Spanish)

Fees are quoted per article or are established as a fixed retainer 

Live Social Media Event Coverage

We live in a highly-personalized socially-driven digital economy. Personalization and authentic storytelling can make a dramatic difference in your events and conferences. 

I offer

  • Strategy-building and plan of action 
  • Real-time social media management
  • Boosting social media engagement with live streaming 

Fees are quoted per event & include travel/per diem expenses



Extracts from my writings…


“The space industry requires a notion of time that seems infinitely longer and more drawn out than for most of our human endeavors. It also requires substantial efforts. These efforts supersede any single-person, company, country, and agency.


In a frenzied pace of distractions and change, if we are to survive and thrive, we must keep steady on the course for space research, travel, and exploration. The actions we take now will directly affect the opportunities available to our civilization here on Earth and in other worlds.”  October 2020.


“More than our abilities to imagine, create, and build cutting-edge technologies, what distinguishes us from other species is the ability to envision and co-create the futures we want. The space industry requires us to think beyond our comfort zones and any perceived limitations.


Our futures in space and on Earth depend on the strength of our bonds. Nobody arrives alone. The energy in robust and engaged communities is precious. Community-building can serve as a resource among people who wouldn’t have otherwise considered entering the space industry. If you’re in the space industry, remember to continue to open doors and help build ladders. If you’re reading this and want to break in, don’t ask permission. We need the most cooperation and energy that we can harness to become a multi-planetary species.” January 2021. 

I enjoy the opportunity to speak to those interested in space. I am open to speaking engagements for technical and non-technical audiences with these objectives:

  • Aspirational
  • Motivational

Fees are required to cover travel / per diem expenses