Industry Testimonials


“Monica is an outstanding space communicator and advisor! She really knows how to help both professionals and companies in the space industry to step up their PR game. She quickly understood the issues we were facing, and after applying her suggestions we saw immediate results.”
“One of those rare persons that has the kind of understanding of the space endeavor that few, if any, would communicate…Also very professional, well mannered and respectful, says what she thinks and does as she says. Looking forward to work together in future projects.”
“What makes Monica a wonderful and valuable member of our global communications team is her understanding that communication encompasses more than just the words we use. She knows that in order for the message to reach the minds of the people and not just their ears, she must seek to understand the perspectives and mindsets of her audience members before developing strategies to communicate with them. Monica collaborates well with people of any background and skill set, allowing her to work with engineers and scientists to communicate even niche technical subjects more effectively with others.”