Argentina’s Steady And Visionary Path To Space Is An Inspiring Tale

Which path is required for us to reach new worlds? I like to take inspiration often from the field of physics.

In its search for the laws of nature and its inquiry of the universe, physics has profound philosophical implications as well. Fermat’s principle shows us that light follows the path of the least time when it travels between two points.

This thought-provoking principle is a worthy metaphor for Argentina’s space history. Similar to how light travels, some of the secret ingredients to the successes in Argentina’s decades-long space industry include a vision to imagine better futures and the ability to bootstrap in the least amount of time.

Argentina visualized its role in space early in its history. The Sociedad Argentina Interplanetaria – SAI (Argentinean Interplanetary Society) was formed in 1949 with the notable leadership of electro-mechanical engineer Teófilo Melchor Tabanera.

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